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About Us

Since 1944, Wuollet Bakery has been a cherished family-owned business in Minneapolis, MN. Founded by Reino Wuollet, our bakery has upheld a legacy of delivering the highest quality baked goods made from scratch. Reino's dedication to craftsmanship, love for baking, and treasured traditional recipes have been passed down through four generations, making Wuollet Bakery a true Minnesota staple.

Wuollet Bakery has become an integral part of family celebrations, creating cherished memories carried through generations. From birthdays to weddings and holidays, our commitment to family values and tradition has made us synonymous with special moments. With each treat handcrafted from scratch using the finest ingredients, such as real butter, fresh cream, and high-quality chocolate, we strive to create exceptional taste and quality.

To share our love for baking beyond Minnesota, we're excited to now offer nationwide shipping of our delicious cookie boxes. Whether you're across the country or just around the corner, Wuollet Bakery's handcrafted treats will bring joy and delight to your doorstep. Join us in experiencing the warmth of family traditions and creating new memories through our delectable creations.